Terms and Conditions


Cohabit offers pre-loved furniture for rent. The rental service includes sourcing, quality assurance, and cleaning ahead of the delivery and collection of the furniture at the end of the rental period. The services aim to make sustainable consumption convenient, cost-effective, and the obvious choice for everyone. As a start-up, each customer’s experience is equally important, the Cohabit team makes the best effort to ensure that each customer (referred to as Rentee in this document) has a good experience and becomes a champion of circular consumption.


Terms of renting in effect from 1st July 2024

Delivery and Installation:

  • The Cohabit team takes care of delivery and installation services inside the apartment of the Rentee. Charges are applied based on the delivery day and time selected by the rentee. (Refer to table 1.2 for transportation classification)

  • The rentee is expected to be present for the joint inspection and handover of the furniture upon delivery.

  • The rentee and Cohabit team jointly inspect the furniture upon delivery and sign an acknowledgment once he/she/they are satisfied with the furniture delivered.


Rental Duration and Charges:


  • The minimum rental period is 3 months.

  • The rental charges are applicable for the whole rental period. 

  • The renter will be notified 15 days ahead of the end of the rental period, Rentee is expected to confirm the date for the collection of furniture. In the absence of this input, the rentee’s rental contract automatically gets extended by one month from the end of the originally agreed period. 

  • If you want to rent for less than the minimum duration of 3 months, write to us at hello@cohabit.se and we will help you accordingly.

  • If you like to extend the rental arrangement, kindly update the same using the self-service portal 15 days before the end of your current rental duration. (The portal is only accessible to existing customers)

  • 15 days prior notice is required before closing the order.


Using the Self-service Portal:


  • Login using the email id that was used to place the order with Cohabit in this link – https://login.cohabit.se/en/auth/login

  • You will be sent a code to your email to authenticate the login

  • On this portal, you can:

    • Refer to order details

    • Report repair or damage

    • Cancel or close subscription 

    • Refer a friend and avail referral bonus

Care and Handling:

  • The rentee is expected to take care of the furniture such that it is used carefully and properly.

  • The rentee must comply with all laws, ordinances, and regulations applicable to the possession, use, and maintenance of the furniture in a manner that does not cause disturbance or harm to anyone else.


Damage to furniture:


  • The rentee is required to report any damage to the furniture as soon as the damage becomes known to them.

  • Damage reporting can be done by using the self-service portal.

  • In certain cases, a joint assessment of the damage is conducted to ascertain the next steps. Charges may apply accordingly. (Refer to Table 1.1 for Damage classification)

  • Replacement of furniture and any charges applicable will be discussed and agreed upon based on joint inspection. Transportation charges will be applicable for the replacement of damaged furniture. 


Returns or exchange:


  • All requests for Swapping must be placed through the self-service portal. 

  • Transportation charges apply as per table 1.2.

  • The Swapping of furniture will be confirmed by email after a brief conversation to understand the requirements. 

  • A joint inspection is conducted with the rentee at the time of return to assess any damage to the items before the swapped furniture is collected.



  • Refer a friend is a campaign to influence more people to engage with circular consumption. Refer a friend to rent pre-loved furniture from Cohabit and earn a 100 Kr discount on your rental charges for a month for each referral. Use the referral code that is available on the self service portal.

  • Applicable only if the new customer has placed an order for the minimum rental period.  


Contract Pass-On: (Applicable only in some housing providers like AF Böstader, if you have questions on this, reach out to support@cohabit.se)


  • Cohabit will perform cleaning and quality checks to ensure the high standards of our furniture are maintained before it is passed on to the new customer.

  • If the new rentee will be moving into the same room/accommodation as the previous rentee, pick-up charges will be waived for the rentee who is the  old rentee.

  • A transfer fee of 200 SEK is applicable for the contract pass-on to be paid by the new rentee.



Table 1.1: Damage classification 


Type of damage

Impact of damage

Charges applicable


Small scratches (due to wear and tear)

No impact on functionality. Scratches are not very clear and do not affect the appearance

No charges


Large scratches and/ or tears in the fabric

Functionality is not affected. Appearance compromised and will need repair before further use

50% of Rental charge (applicable on renting the individual item for one term)


Small Breakage

Functionality compromised. Repair may fix the furniture to full functionality. Appearance may/may not be impacted

100% of Rental charge (applicable on renting the individual item for one term)


Major Breakage

Functionality compromised. Repair is not likely to fix the furniture to full functionality. Appearance may/may not be impacted.

200% of Rental charge (applicable on renting the individual item for one term)


Missing parts

Functionality and/ or appearance become compromised.

100% of Rental charge (applicable on renting the individual item for one term)

 Table 1.2: Transportation Classification

Transportation charges are applied separately for delivery, exchange, and pick-up of furniture.



Days and times

Fee applicable



Delivery of the furniture before you arrive at the apartment is possible (provided the permissions to access the apartment is granted by the housing provider)

400 SEK


Delivery on the selected date

Delivery of the furniture on the date of your choice 

500 SEK