Choose circularity with Cohabit

Choose circularity with Cohabit

Choose circularity with Cohabit

1. Choose your pre-loved furniture

Start by selecting the furniture you need. 

Our bundles provide the basics – a bed, a desk, and a chair. You can upgrade to a larger bed, table and have additional chairs. You can also add accessories like a lamp, storage, or carpet to make your home as cozy as you want!

2. Get your furniture delivered

Worried about how to get your furniture into your new home?

No need to stress! On your preferred date, Cohabit will deliver and assemble your furniture – right into your apartment.

3. Enjoy and relax in your new home

Let Cohabit take care of your furniture needs, so you can focus on what’s important.

There’s so much amazing things to experience when moving into a new city – and we want you to have a great time!

4. Cohabit picks up your items

Time flies in your new city, and before you know it, its time to go! 

We know how stressful it could get during these last few weeks. 
In between all the goodbyes and trying to pack you life back into your suitcase, Cohabit will make life a bit easier for your by picking up your furniture at the end your rental period. 

Photo: Malin Palm


Is there a minimum rental duration ?

The minimum rental period is 3 months. Items could be rented for a shorter duration, however the 3 month charges still apply.


Can I rent individual items or only bundles ?

You can choose to rent individual items or bundles. It’s fully based on your preference and requirement.  

What can I expect with Cohabit’s rental services ?

The rental service includes sourcing based on customer preference, quality assurance, cleaning, delivery into the apartment, installation of the furniture when the assembly is required, and collection of the furniture at the end of the rental period.

If you am not sure what kind of furniture will fit into my apartment, How to proceed?

You are welcome to reach out to our team, write to Cohabit team will set up a call to discuss and understand your furniture needs. Based on the room size and your preference for movement space, we can make suitable furniture recommendations. We have curated the bundles based on popular choices made by International students moving into unfurnished apartments.

How do I book items for rent ?

If you are interested in renting furniture with Cohabit, please fill out the wishlist on our website and our team will reach out to you to discuss your requirements, the product selection, delivery options available, and the terms of renting.

If you want to rent an item that is not listed on the wishlist, you can contact us by providing details of your preference and we will get in touch with you to make it work.

What happens after I fill the wishlist?

Once you fill out the wishlist, the Cohabit team will reach out to you by email to connect over a call to understand your requirements better and explain how our services work. When you are happy with the details, order confirmation happens over email and a payment of the refundable deposit.

The Cohabit team will reach out to you three days before the scheduled delivery date to confirm the delivery preference. On the day of delivery, Cohabit will set up the furniture in your apartment and conduct a joint inspection before the furniture is handed over to you.

When will I get the deposit back?

The refundable deposit collected at the time of order confirmation is returned to the customer upon the completion of the rental period. The deposit is refunded after the collection of the furniture by the Cohabit team.


Can I customize my orders and packages ?

Cohabit offers a unique selection of individual furniture and bundles that are mainly sourced to meet the basic needs of incoming students. If you have specific needs or requests, our team would gladly discuss this with you. In case of any updates such as adding preferences, adding new items or removing items, the customer is expected to communicate atleast 3 days before the scheduled delivery date by mail to . Changes or updates made with less than 3 days to delivery will be treated as a new request and additional charges may apply.  

Can I cancel my confirmed booking ?

Customers can cancel their bookings until 3 days before their scheduled delivery date. 

How and when can I pay the rent at Cohabit ?

We offer flexible ways of making payment. We currently use Revolut as our primary account. However, Swish/ Paypal are also available. We will discuss the most suitable option for you and your preferences during our rental confirmation call.

Rental invoice is generated towards the end of the month for the upcoming month. Rental payment is expected within 10 days from the receipt of the invoice.

How does “Delivery at your convenience” work ?

The customer selects the date of delivery upon placing the order. 5-7 days before the scheduled delivery date, Cohabit team reaches out to the customer for the preferred delivery time and we schedule the delivery accordingly. Any changes to the scheduled delivery time have to be requested 3 days before the delivery time. 

Changes made within the last 3 days from confirmed delivery date and time will be treated as a new and special request. 

Does Cohabit collect the furniture ?

After the rental period, Cohabit will collect the furniture based on the customer’s schedule preferences. 

Are there charges on transportation?

Standard charges applicable on transportation request are 400 SEK. Special requests charges are extra.

Can I exchange any items during the duration of my rent ?

Customers can request an exchange within 5 days upon delivery, free of charge, subject to item availability. Exchange/ Returns made outside the 5-day exchange window will be charged for transportation.

What happens if the furniture gets damaged during the rental period ?

We encourage customers to handle Cohabit furniture with love and care, but in case of damage, please report it to us immediately so that we can assess the damage and make the necessary repairs or exchange the item if needed.

The repair cost will vary depending on the damage and a part of the repair is charged to the customer.

Can I return the furniture before the end of the rental period ?

Customers can terminate their rental contract at any time they choose. Pre-closure charges equivalent of one months’ rent and transportation charges are applied.