Carver, from Trinidad and Tobago, decided to move to Malmö after accumulating 14 years of professional experience in communication and production. As a self-funded learner, moving across the world and with his family to build his capacities in his work toward sustainability is a huge step.

A Journey Across the World

Embarking on a journey to study in a foreign country is an exhilarating opportunity for personal and professional growth. Carver, a seasoned professional with 14 years of experience in communication and media production from Trinidad and Tobago, made the well-informed decision to pursue his self-funded learning journey in Malmö, Sweden. Carver’s determination to move across the world with his family and build his capacities in sustainability showcases his commitment to making a positive impact.

Overcoming Challenges

Carver candidly shares the challenges he faced when preparing to live in a new country, far from his family, social network, and the financial infrastructure he was accustomed to. His reflection resonates with numerous non-EU students entering Swedish society, as they navigate the initial adjustment period. However, Carver emphasizes the importance of finding a balance between these differences and discovering delightful surprises along the way. With time, one becomes attuned to the new environment, and the challenges gradually fade as familiarity sets in.

Seamless Transition and Housing Success

Carver’s journey began with him arriving alone in Malmö, spending his initial months in University housing before his family joined him. This insightful transition serves as a guiding light for others embarking on a similar path. Recognizing the uncertainty of future allotments, Carver wasted no time and promptly signed up for the queuing system on Boplats Syd upon confirmation of his admission. In October, he achieved a significant milestone by securing a first-hand contract for an apartment. Rather than taking a short-term second-hand contract, Carver chose to avoid the hassle of another apartment hunt in a few months’ time.

Carver and Cohabit

Carver recollects being surprised that the apartment building was equipped with convenient amenities such as storage, a washing room, and bike parking. The kitchen setup was complete with modern appliances, however, Carver found only one small light in the bathroom and had to find and install all the lights and fixtures and figure out the different ceiling plugs and pins in Sweden. And getting an internet connection when one does not have a personal number was a different challenge on its own. Carver recalls:
“One of the big challenges is finding an apartment and not knowing how long one has to be in the queuing system to do so. Cohabit’s support came in handy through bringing the furniture into the apartment so that there was no worry on one part and took the pressure off of me. I could take care of utilities and other stuff that also needed to be figured out when moving into a new apartment.”

From His Own Experiences to You

Carver’s inspiring journey from Trinidad and Tobago to Malmö, Sweden, exemplifies resilience, personal growth, and the pursuit of endless possibilities. Through his determination and Cohabit’s empowering support, Carver overcame initial challenges, embraced his new environment, and created a home away from home. Carver offers valuable advice to incoming students based on his remarkable journey: Form connections as soon as you start meeting new people in Sweden, everyone is looking to connect and though one is on their own, one does not have to be alone.

"I was offered a package for my furniture needs and Cohabit had the flexibility to make it work for me Cohabit’s support came in handy in bringing the furniture into the apartment so that there was no worry on one part and took the pressure off of me.”
Student from Trinidad and Tobago