Moving to a new country for a semester abroad can be exciting and daunting. In this blog, Austrian students Steffi and Maria share their experiences finding accommodation in Malmö with Heimstaden student hus and furnishing their apartment with Cohabit.

The Quest for a Perfect Apartment

As newcomers to Sweden, our first concern was finding a suitable apartment that met our needs. We wanted it to be affordable, safe, and conveniently located within the city. However, the fear of falling victim to a rental scam added to our worries. Luckily, we learned about Heimstaden student hus through a fellow Austrian student. The process of securing an apartment was surprisingly quick, alleviating our concerns and offering a sense of relief.

Unfurnished Apartments and Cohabit

Our joy of finding a good apartment was short-lived when we discovered that it was completely unfurnished. The absence of even basic furniture like a bed, table, or chairs seemed overwhelming. That’s when we heard about Cohabit from another student in Malmo. Intrigued, we added our furniture requirements to the wishlist and connected with the Cohabit team through a call. They assured us that our rooms would be fully furnished with the furniture of our choice on the day we moved in. This eliminated the need to invest a significant amount of money in furniture that would only be used temporarily.

Navigating the Airbnb Maze

Before moving into our apartment, we stayed at an Airbnb for a couple of days. Little did we know how challenging it would be to find a suitable Airbnb during August in Malmo. The influx of tourists due to the Malmo festival and summer events made it crowded and competitive. However, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we encountered the Cohabit team during the welcome week at Malmo University and the Beach Barbecue. These chance encounters allowed us to make friends before even settling into our new city.

The Arrival and the Beginnings of Friendship

The much-anticipated day of receiving our apartment finally arrived. To our delight, the Cohabit team was there to greet us. They not only brought the furniture we had chosen but also took care of the delivery and setup. Our apartment was ready to be lived in, sparing us the hassle of assembling furniture and making it feel like home. We were so impressed with their service that we invited the Cohabit team to join us for a celebratory pizza. Little did we know that this simple gesture would mark the beginning of an incredible friendship that continues to this day.


Our journey as international students in Malmo was made smoother and more enjoyable with the assistance of Heimstaden student hus and Cohabit. Finding a reliable apartment and furnishing it became stress-free experiences. Moreover, the chance encounters with the Cohabit team during the welcome week and social events allowed us to build friendships that added immense value to our time in Malmo. We are grateful for these services and the lasting memories they helped create.

"After the first minute I knew I had made the right choice with Cohabit. Their very warm, honest and friendly attitude won me over straight away. Cohabit adapts to individual needs and wishes and also works very flexibly and makes an effort for everyone, so that you always feel supported."
Steffi & Maria
Students from Austria