What we offer

349 SEK/ month.*

199 SEK/ month.*

349 SEK/ month.*

349 SEK/ month.*

499 SEK/ month.*

599 SEK/ month.*

*Starting price. Prices vary depending on rental duration and package inclusions.

** All items are subject to availability


What we do

Cohabit offers affordable furniture for rent, delivered at your convenience

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Why choose Cohabit ?

Delivery at your convenience

Transporting furniture can be a real hassle!

With cohabit you don’t have to worry about that. Simply set a delivery date and we will transport and deliver the furniture into your new home! And when you are finished, we will pick it up again, all included in the rental rate.

Simple. Easy. Cohabit.

Budget-friendly rental rates

You are on a tight budget but you need a bed, a table and a chair at the same time?

We got you! That’s why we have broken down the big bulk, into small chunks every month. So you can enjoy your daily life, without sacrificing on that second coffee.

Affordable. Budget-friendly. Cohabit.

Quality checked

Second-hand furniture breaks easily? 

Not with cohabit. We make sure every item is perfectly good to use and functionality is ensured! When we repair, we aim to strengthen our furniture too. So you can enjoy it, without worrying about it. 

Repaired. Quality-checked. Cohabit.

Pre-loved furniture

Second-hand furniture is old and dusty? 

Not at cohabit. We see the value in each of our unique and individual items. Every piece is cleaned and its aesthetics is restored as much as possible. So you can love our furniture as much as we do! 

Unique. Well-cleaned. Cohabit.

What our Customers say ...

"Cohabit made the challenging process of moving to another country so much easier for me. With their professional and warm communication, their customer orientation and their reliability I felt that my needs and requirements were very well taken care of. The sustainable aspect of pre-loved furniture is an amazing add-on to the excellent service. I recommend Cohabit to anyone who is looking for uncomplicated short-term furniture rental and want to contribute to a sustainable future."
Student from Austria
"Moving to a new country was, at least for me, quite overwhelming. Furniture was one of the many things I needed. I found out about Cohabit through the uni, and I thought why not that the idea seemed interesting. Plus, it would mean that I wouldn't have to worry about selling or taking the furniture with me when moving out. The Cohabit team were not only very accommodating and receptive to any requests I had, but they were also very transparent regarding the whole process. I wholeheartedly recommend them to new students who look for an affordable and convenient alternative to buying furniture."
Student from Romania

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum rental duration ?

The minimum rental period is 3 months. Items could be rented for a shorter duration, however the 3 month charges still apply.

How much is the rent ?

The rent varies depending on the following: type of package/item and rental duration.

What is included in the rental price ?

Rental prices include charges for deep cleaning and quality assurance. Charges on delivery and collection of furniture after the rental period depends on the rental duration.

Long term rental contracts (7 months or more) will include free delivery and collection after the rental duration

Short term rental contracts (3 – 6 months) will have additional charges for delivery and collection after the rental period.

How do I book items for rent ?

If you are interested in renting furniture with Cohabit, please fill out the wishlist on our website and our team will reach out to you to discuss your requirements, the product selection, delivery options available, and the terms of renting.

What happens after I fill the waitlist?

Once you fill out the wishlist, the Cohabit team will reach out to you by email to offer our product selection based on the items you have requested. We could also set up a call to discuss if you prefer. When you are happy with the details of the service, a rental agreement is created.

The Cohabit team will reach out to you three days before the scheduled delivery date to confirm the delivery preference. On the day of delivery, Cohabit will set up the furniture in your apartment and conduct a joint inspection before the furniture is handed over to you.

Can I customize my orders and packages ?

Cohabit offers a unique selection of individual furniture and bundles that are mainly sourced to meet the basic needs of incoming students. If you have specific needs or requests, our team would gladly discuss this with you.

Can I cancel my confirmed booking ?

Customers can cancel their bookings until 3 days before their scheduled delivery date. 

How and when can I pay the rent at Cohabit ?

For our pilot, we will discuss the payment options during our rental confirmation call. You will be provided a rental  invoice towards the end of the month for the upcoming month. Rental payment is expected before the 5th of the month.

How does “Delivery at your convenience” work ?

The customer selects the date of delivery upon placing the order. Closer to the delivery date, Cohabit team reaches out to the customer for the preferred delivery time and we schedule the delivery accordingly. Any changes to the scheduled delivery time have to be requested 24 hours before the delivery time.

Does Cohabit collect the furniture ?

After the rental period, Cohabit will collect the furniture based on the customer’s schedule preference. 

Are there charges on delivery/collection?

Charges on delivery and collection of furniture after the rental period depends on the rental duration. Rental contracts for 7 months or more will include free delivery and collection after the rental duration. Rental contracts for 3 – 6 months will have additional charges for delivery and collection after the rental period.

Can I exchange any items during the duration of my rent ?

Customers can request an exchange within 5 days upon delivery, free of charge, subject to item availability. After the 5-day period, item exchange requests will incur additional charges for the customer.

What happens if the furniture gets damaged during the rental period ?

We encourage customers to handle Cohabit furniture with love and care, but in case of damage, please report it to us immediately so that we can assess the damage and make the necessary repairs or exchange the item if needed. The repair cost will vary depending on the damage and a part of the repair is charged to the customer.

Can I return the furniture before the end of the rental period ?

Customers can terminate their rental contract at any time they choose. However, they will be charged an equivalent of one months’ rent and transportation charges.